Handmade Luna Lovegood Costume!

Who is going to the midnight showing of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt. 2? Me! Who is going as Luna Lovegood? ME!!!! Yup yup, and I’m not buying a single machine made prop, which means I’m going to have to make them all! Which is really exciting, but kind of daunting.

So first and foremost, I’m going to need a scarf. This shouldn’t be too difficult because I already made a Gryffindor scarf. I even made my own pattern. So here‘s the link to that one. Even though it’s on this blog… Huh. I’m definitely going to alter it though, like making it flat and making the silver stripes shorter than the middle blue stripe. But anyways.

Secondly, I’m going to need some robes. Thank goodness for that sewing machine I got for Christmas! I found a pretty simple pattern that I think I can do once I figure out how to use my sewing machine… And if all else fails, I’ll hand sew it! You have to be a member to see the pattern, but it’s free, so if you really want to see it, don’t be afraid to sign up. I haven’t gotten any nasty viruses and my inbox is advertisement free. So here it is.

The patch on the robes is going to be a little tougher. As much as I like cross stitch, embroidery is much different, and I’ve never done it before. So if I don’t figure that out, time to pull up ebay! Here‘s my model if ever I get there. The TM after Ravenclaw just ruins it! That will definitely go if ever I embroider one.

Next in my Luna costume is the indispensable radish earrings! I found a couple of tutorials for that one, and I think I like this one the best. Well, that’s just the first part. Here‘s the second part. There’s also this one, but I like the other one the best…. Did I say that already? Just a note, I ended up making my own tutorial for the earrings that I’m in the process of writing. Hang in there, and I’ll have it eventually!

While I’m on the subject of jewelry, I can’t forget the butterbeer cork necklace! It looks super easy, so I don’t think I’ll need a tutorial for it. Just two strands of fishing wire, a plethora of light blue beads, a cork, some wire, et voila! The perfect necklace to keep the nargles away.

Next in line is the Spectrespecs! I could, of course buy them on Amazon or something, but what’s the fun in that? Not to mention they’re plastic. Luna gets them out of a magazine, so do you think they will be hard plastic? Nein, they’re cardboard or card stock. Which is exactly why I’m making my own using this awesome tutorial!

So then we have the Ravenclaw tie! They’re pretty expensive, so I thought I would just get one that looked kind of like one, but then I found a pretty awesome idea that’s much cheaper. Buy a dark blue tie, get silver fabric markers and draw the stripes on there! Brilliant! I think that’s one of the easiest parts of the costume.

Now to the more difficult part. The Hogwarts skirt. I found a pretty good pattern for it that I think I can do. Here‘s this one.

And then I’m not so sure if I’ll get to this one, but I want to knit a Hogwarts sweater or sweater vest. I already have a pattern from the nifty Harry Potter knitting pattern book called Charmed Knits. But if any of my readers don’t have that book, here’s a pattern for first a sweater (it’s ladies size ten, but the Leaky Cauldron has more sizes) and then the sweater vest, (also size ten, but with more sizes). Or, because I want to be truer to Luna in particular, here‘s a pattern that could be altered a bit to make a pretty good Hogwarts cardigan. I think I may do this one instead.

Now, the wand. I don’t think I’ll be able to make her wand because I. Can’t. Carve. At all. Period. Luna actually has two wands, a rather plain one that has little carved acorns and leaves on the handle. Her other wand is a little more ornate, with a handle carved in the shape of a daffodil. I really like the second one.

LATER ADDITIONS: Because you never actually see Luna wearing a Ravenclaw scarf, you crocheters can do this one instead. And if you don’t crochet, you probably have a friend who does (like in my case).

Also, don’t forget the beetle ring! Now I have no idea how one is supposed to bead one of these, but it probably is possible. I’m definitely going to try it.

And, if you REALLY want to have EVERYTHING, here’s a knifty knitting (sorry, couldn’t help it) pattern for the hat that she wears at the Hog’s Head in the fifth one.

And then there’s also the lacy sleeved cardigan that she wears in the fifth one, for you crocheters out there.

Well, that’s about it, really. Wow, I’m going to be workin’ for a loooong time. I’d better get started! Here’s a couple of picture of Luna for inspiration.


One thought on “Handmade Luna Lovegood Costume!

  1. Ash says:

    This is awesome! How did it go? What a great ending. I am very sad that I never got to go to a midnight showing BUT I am planning on somehow making up for it by some eventual awesomeness of Harry potter related sorts. I have longish Luna colored hair and am planning on growing it longer. Im making my dirigible plum earrings out of clay to make them more realistic because they were real plums in the book. I’m buying a tie off if eBay as well as the wand. The cardigan I’m going to try and find. Somewhere. OH YEAH. I’m gonna try and make her lion hat. Oh yeah and go on YouTube search like it’s quidditch. Best parody!

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