Dirigible Plums Pt. 2 (now with Beetle Ring)

Well, I’ve begun again. This time with smaller beads and wire instead of fishing string. I’m am most happy with the result. So happy, in fact, that I’m thinking about selling them. Perhaps. Still not too sure about that. Maybe I’ll just give some away…. Ahem, anyways. Here they are.

And not to be forgotten, the Beetle Ring! I used smaller beads than the ones they used, and you can’t really tell that the beads on the beetle back (try saying that five times fast) are iridescent. 😦 Oh well, I’m still quite happy with it.


4 thoughts on “Dirigible Plums Pt. 2 (now with Beetle Ring)

  1. amy says:

    those are AMAZING i’m really impressed I have been looking for luna accessories and these would be the best by far. you would sell these in a second

    • svyet says:

      Thank you very much! If I were to sell them on etsy, would you buy? I’m still very undecided about selling them, and I would want to make sure at least some people would buy them. 🙂

  2. Lorena says:

    Hi! I know this is kind of late, and I am not sure if you are still making these, but I think people would buy them (including me). I found some on etsy for some pretty reasonable prices, but none of them looked exactly like the ones she has in the movie. These are perfect! Not to mention the ring is perfect too (I didn’t find any on etsy). Very good job with these

  3. ALYSSA says:

    making a ring at the moment. using very small seed beads. great job.
    how did you finish off.

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