Beetle Ring Mk. II

I’ve done it again. I think everything takes two tries before you get it right. This time I used shinier beads for the wing cases and bigger beads in general. Now I’m satisfied. Blah, you can’t see the colored beads very well in this picture.


3 thoughts on “Beetle Ring Mk. II

  1. Lisa Dowling says:

    Do you have a pattern you’re willing to share for the ring? My husband bought my daughter the jewelry set and before I coudl try to determine the pattern, she lost the ring and is now totally distressed (she’s 9 and it’was a valentine’s gift). I’d like ot make her a replacement. Your ring is awesome!


    • svyet says:

      Thank you very much! I’m currently in the process of writing a tutorial, but it won’t be up until sometime next week because I’m going on a trip. I will definitely put it up as soon as I can, though!

  2. Ginnybenji says:

    Hello I love your beetle ring. Is there opportunité that i can get the pattern. I want them because I am making a luna costume. And the ring wil l finish the costume. Thanks for your time.

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