Butterbeer and Other Harry Potter Geekery

Obviously, I am a huge Harry Potter nerd. Huge. The amount of nerdness is  a bit embarrassing, actually. I did dress up for the midnight showing of HP7.5 as Luna Lovegood, but I never did get a really good picture of my outfit. I wasn’t able to make as much as I would have liked, but I found some good stuff at thrift stores, so I was satisfied. I’ll post some pictures of my friends, my sister, and I as we walked up and down the river walk in San Antonio in full costume. Well, almost full, I didn’t have my spectrespecs on at the time.  But on to the butterbeer!

I had made one recipe before, the one found on the Fox News website (the images are the links). It’s really good, but incredibly rich and sweet. You definitely cannot drink much of it, and I highly recommend keeping it away from little children. Your house may not still be standing if a child ingests all that sugar. You also get a weird foam stuff when you add the syrup to the cream soda that is NOT appetizing. If you scoop it up and put it elsewhere before you add the whipped cream, it’s alright though. But anyways! I have found other recipes that I am dying to try out.

I found this one on a fellow knitter’s blog when I was looking at her projects. It’s meant to be served warm, which is interesting, because I haven’t seen any like that. But it is mentioned in both the books and the movies, so I really want to try it when the weather starts cooling off. Who knows when that will be….

Another one that I really want to try is this one. The author of the recipe said that she wanted to make it as accurate to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter butterbeer as she could. Basically all she did was add imitation butter to cream soda. Ah, the art of simplicity.

This one also looks interesting. Not as labor intensive as the Fox News one, but more so than the Bakingdom one. Looks pretty sweet, though, so I may want to decrease the amount of brown sugar. I definitely want to give it a shot. It doesn’t have a photo, so I’ll just do link it the old fashion way. Click here to view the site.

This one is pretty similar the Bakingdom recipe, with just a couple of differences. So many recipes, and I want to try them all!

Just one more! This one uses actually caramel, which is different. But I must try it! And it has plus, cockroach clusters! They look amazing. And, if you read the comments, someone posted a recipe for rock cakes. Real rock cakes. Like what they have in England. Brilliant!

Okay! I lied! One more! Although, this isn’t strictly butterbeer, more of a butterbeer flavored sorbet. Delish! I simply must try it! Although the use of an ice cream maker is needed. Ah, a perfect excuse to get one!

And I found the perfect thing to wear while you are making these. A Hogwarts uniform apron! Ack, it so perfectly brilliant that I think may die from over exposure to sheer awesomeness. She doesn’t give a pattern, just her step by step process. If, however, you feel confident enough with needle and thread, she gives enough info for you to make your own! I am going to. And Ravenclaw all the way!