The Two Princesses of Bamarre

I think I’m on a princess streak or something…. Or a Gail Carson Levine streak…. Or both…. Anyways!

The Two Princesses of Bamarre, by Gail Carson Levine, is about two sisters who couldn’t be more unalike. Where Meryl is courageous and out going, Addie is cowardly and shy, but they couldn’t love each other more, even if they were alike. Meryl is determined to find the cure of a deadly disease called the Grey Death, but her worried and loving sister doesn’t want her to go, so she promises that only after Addie is happily married and taken care of will she go on her quest. But when Meryl is put in extreme danger, Addie has no choice but to go on a journey of her own to save her.

I think Levine is one of my favorite authors. All of her books are humorous and refreshing, especially if I just read something rather intense like one of the Shannara books. I related to Addie in some respects in this story, especially in her fear of spiders, and also to Meryl in others, like her love for adventure stories and mythology. But one of the things that really threw me off in this story was that there is a male character named Rhys. In another book that I have read, there was a female character named Rhis. That tripped me up to no end. But about half way through the book, I got a little used to it. Now if I read A Posse of Princesses (what is up with me and all the princess stories? I mean really!)again, I would get confused all over again, and have to get used to Rhis being a girl!