New Etsy Thingymajig!

I added a new thing to Etsy! I’ve also temporarily retired my Luna Lovegood jewelry because I am quite tired of making it. Really tired. Exhausted. So anyways. I added my Doctor Who charm bracelet! Yay!


Nerdy Projects of January

January is usually the time when I get most of my craftiness out for the year. There’s something about the sitting by the fire on a cold day with nothing better to do than knit, bead, or sew. My imagination kind of runs crazy, so I start more things than I can ever hope to finish. Here’s a list of the things I’m working on right now.

As I was flipping through Harry Potter from Page to Screen, I happened upon Luna’s page and saw a piece of jewelry I had never seen in the movies. It’s a dragonfly hair tie. I had to make it. It’s nearly done, I just need some long black bugle beads for the tail.

I actually finished this one. It’s Watson’s scarf from Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows.

My brother epically swings the scarf over his shoulder

After seeing the season 4 finale of Doctor Who, I started collecting charms for a 10th Doctor’s companion bracelet. I also want to do a Harry Potter one eventually.

From left to right: A handy spare hand, Union Jack, a fob watch, London Bus, a Weeping Angel's wing, Big Ben, a cuppa tea, the Runaway Bride, a beetle on your back, the wasp from Unicorn and the Wasp, two hearts, bananas, werewolf/Bad Wolf

This one I thought of completely randomly. How about a bookmark that has the TARDIS appearing as you read down the page? This is the 10th Doctor’s TARDIS and sonic screwdriver, but I’m also planning to do the 11th’s as well.Think I'm going to move the border a little further away from the TARDIS

Now here’s a list of the things I haven’t started yet but hope to soon.

1) A fez. Yes, a fez.

2) Bowties, both blue and red.

3)…. Well, I had a third, but I can’t think of it. I’ll get back to you.

UPDATE: I remembered the third thing! I sonic screwdriver bracelet! I finished it and will post a picture tomorrow. Or Monday….

23 Doctor Who Shirts of General Awesome

So today I spent probably more time than I should have compiling a list of my favorite Doctor Who tees. I am aware that 23 is a very random number(unless in the sequence 4 8 15 16 23 42 for all of you LOST fans out there), but these are my favorites, not just any cool shirt on the web. And without further ado, here they are! (photos are the links)

1) Union Jack made of TARDISes. Or TARDIS. Or whatever.

2) Doctor Who meets E.T.

3) Two hearts x-ray

4) Need I say anything?

5) I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. You have two shadows. *I actually happen to own this one.

6) “‘The angels have the phone box.’ That’s my favorite. I have that on a t-shirt!” -Larry Nightengale *I have this one too.

7) Adipose. The cutest antagonist in existence.

8) So much of us wish he were real. What am I saying? He is!

9) Delete! Delete! Delete!

10) “Four score and seven minutes ago, Bill and Ted embarked on an excellent adventure.” -Abraham Lincoln

11) Welcome New New York!

12) Well, strictly speaking, it’s the fifteenth New York since the original.

13) Awesome moon landing plus even more awesome. *And this one too

14) What NASA is keeping form us.

15) Boos can’t move when you’re looking, right? Don’t the also cover they’re eyes? Mind bomb!

Now we get to my favorite favorites

16) Scooby Who, where are you?

17) Doctor Hoo

18) Shaker + Plunger + Whisk = EXTERMINATE!

19) Nerds need to learn to COEXIST

20) There are no words…

21) Cyber3PO and R2Dalek

22) It came out of nowhere…

23) Not strictly a tee, but I want it soooooo bad. But I do not happen to have an extra $330

And there we have it. Which one is your favorite?

With All of My Hearts

“Oh! Ah! Two hearts! Oh baby, I’m beating out a samba!” ~The Doctor while being controlled by Lady Cassandra

There is a lovely little programme on the telly called Doctor Who. And I am officially addicted. So addicted in fact, that I would happily barricade myself in my room with a laptop and three pounds of chocolate and not leave until I have seen all six seasons of the new series plus a few episodes from the old. But I was not always so hooked. In fact when I was first shown it, I thought it was really strange. And I still think it is, but so delightfully strange that it’s absolutely fantastic!

My very first, shall we say, exposure was when I was around twelve or so and my brother, who delights in all things nerd, rented a Tom Baker episode (I have just been informed that it was The Talons of Weng-Chiang). Everyone knows Tom Baker. Big hair, cool hat, really long scarf. Anyways, it happened to be a Dalek episode and I walked in just at a time when three Daleks came rolling down a corridor. I know I’m not the first, but I felt pretty original when I said they looked like salt and pepper shakers. Because they do. I had no idea how anyone could like a show where the main villain was a salt shaker with a plunger and a whisk. Then, a few years later a friend sat me down and forced me to watch the first episode of the new series. The one with the killer shop dummies. My opinion of the show remained the same. But a part of me was curious. A little. That little part of me wanted to see more, so I did. And I saw Lady Cassandra, in all of her trampoline-like glory, and I was hooked.

I happily sped through the first few episodes and then hit a dead end. Something was deeply wrong with me because I just was never in the mood to watch it. But then, through my little sister’s pestering, we started up again, geeking out at almost every moment of each episode. You know that awesome t-shirt sold by ThinkGeek that has a full color TARDIS under which is inscribed “You never forget your first Doctor”? Well it’s true. Christopher Eccleston is fantastic. The very same friend who started me on the show told me that Christopher Eccleston leaves after just one season and a man by the name of David Tennant takes his place. I was heart broken. I knew that David Tennant was amazing by what I heard people say, but he was not the Doctor. At the time, no one could replace Eccleston. And then the time came round and he regenerated.

The first episode of season two barely has David Tennant in it, so I wasn’t sure if I liked him for most of the episode. But when he started accidentally quoting The Lion King, my favorite movie when I was little, he became my Doctor. And what better to make this opinion concrete then to have the return of Lady Cassandra in the next episode. Tennant truely was the Doctor, fitting exactly into the role like he was made for it. I still love Eccleston, and I think he’s absolutely brilliant, but Tennant was just…. Perfect. I got so into the series that I bought his sonic screwdriver, a shirt that said, “The angels have the phone box” from one of my favorite episodes Blink, and then received two other awesome DW shirts for Christmas, plus a TARDIS mug, a Dalek poster, and the levitating TARDISĀ  desk toy. And then it happened. Season four came to a close. And all that was left were four specials. They were brilliant, the first three, and so was the fourth. But I cried. I cried so very hard. Sobbed, as a matter of fact. Russel T. Davies should be proud of himself, because the only other fictional thing that has ever made me cry was Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt. II. The tenth Doctor had regenerated.

And not only had he changed to a weird looking guy my sister calls Matt Cheeseface, but the TARDIS changed. All the characters from the past four season were gone, the TARDIS and Doctor had regenerated, the sonic screwdriver broke and was replaced, the theme music, time vortex, main writer, and even the logo changed. Everything was so…. Different. Not bad, but different. Matt Smith is worthy to be called Doctor, Stephen Moffat is a fantastic writer, and the continuous two/three part episode make it very difficult to take a break, but I miss the Eccleston and Tennant, the Victorian steampunk look and feel of the show, and no matter was anyone says, my opinion will never change:

Bow ties are cool, but Converse are awesome.