My Mini Companion Cube

It is finished! I have officially made my own weighted Companion Cube from Portal! It’s even weighted! It took me about a week, which really isn’t very long (especially for me). I got the pattern from a fellow Raveler, but I shrank the given chart to half its size, because I like small things. Some things I like just because they’re small, which is rather strange, but hey, I don’t mind. This was my first project with three colors, so it isn’t perfect, but I’m content, and I hope my brother likes it because I made it for him for Christmas. Yup, that’s right, I’m already knitting Christmas presents. I’m not exactly the fastest knitter, so I’d figure I’d better get a headstart. But enough rambling! Here’s my finished cube!


Knitting Notions

Just recently, I’ve rediscovered how much I like knitting. I only knew how to do the garter stitch until I discovered knitting tutorials on youtube. Knit Witch was especially helpful when I was learning how to purl. So since then I have been combing the internet, trying to find patterns that interest me. So far I’ve found a lot of nerdy things like a knitted Companion Cube from Portal, a Golden Snitch and House Scarfs from Harry Potter, Tom Baker’s scarf and plush TARDIS from Doctor Who, and a One Ring scarf and Pippin’s scarf from Lord of the Rings. What I really want to do now is find a simple cloak pattern that can be adapted to look like the Lothlorien cloaks from Lord of the Rings. I got a Leaf of Lorien pin for my birthday last year, and later, after Christmas, my brother played Frodo in a skit, using that pin. He made a cloak out of an old blanket, and I was thinking that it would be the coolest thing to knit one of those cloaks. Bear in mind, I’m a novice knitter that is eager to learn. If anyone has any suggestions at all, or equally geeky knitting patterns, I would be most obliged.